Labor law

Labor Law

  • Consultancy on labor relations issues;
  • Representing interests of employers and employees in industrial tribunals;
  • Legal support of examinations conducted by the Public Prosecution Service and Labor Inspection;
  • Legal audit in the field of labor relations, labor protection, fire safety, electrical safety, civil defense;
  • Legal support of foreign employees’ activities, including highly skilled specialists.
  • Legal support of cutting down staff and staff optimization.
  • Legal support of disputes on bonus and “golden parachute” payments.
  • Representing interests of an international company’s former head on obtaining “golden parachute”. The client has reached agreement with the employer on payment of more than 2 million Euros as compensation under friendly settlement.
  • Legal support of cutting down staff of an international logistics company. 150 employees were dismissed. All disputes were settled in pre-trial order.
  • Legal support of disputes with former employees. The legal firm’s clients successfully confirmed the legality of employee layoffs.
  • Legal support of a number of foreign highly skilled specialists. Successful adherence to immigration and administrative procedures has been secured for more than 3 years.
  • Legal support of introducing collective financial liability in a trade network.
  • Legal support of routine examinations of the Labor Inspection. In 2016-2017, the legal firm’s clients successfully passed inspections, without instituting administrative proceedings against companies and officials.